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A Son With A Servants Heart


I’m asked by many people to share how IMPACTING LOVE INC began, so my purpose is to encourage every believer to not just go to church week after week and missed the command Jesus gave us in Matthew 28. We know that to be the Great Commission. Many in the body Christ struggle with identity and their purpose in life and ministry. Its not about a “title, denomination or association, but its simply reading (studying), obeying and applying Gods word to our lives


In 2004 I dreamt that I was ministering in a foreign land. I saw myself in a hut with no walls and in an open field on a platform with people surrounding. In the dream their was a Caucasian man who I did not know. I shared the dream with my pastor and thought it was “just a dream”.

In November 2006 I attended a conference with my pastor in Clearwater, Florida and on the elevator a couple from Oregon entered. My pastor introduced us but the man Paul looked familiar. I asked, have we met before? His reply was not sure but thought that I looked familiar too. I told my pastor that I met Paul before. He replied that he had just met him the prior year. Now this was a four day conference and throughout the conference I would say to my pastor, I dreamt this! It was déjà vue over and over. I was annoying to my pastor because I was so adamant that I knew this Paul guy too.

This particular evening Paul invited me to eat dinner at the table with him and apostles from all over the world. It was good food and great time of fellowship. While walking to service, Paul asked if I would sit with him and his wife Pam. I had no idea that Paul was the speaker for the evening and that he would share with the church the work God had given me to do. He talked about Priests and Kings in the kingdom of God. The message was to me and for me. After service he asked me: Do you like to travel? My response was yes. My wife and love cruising. They smiled and he said: how would you like to go to Africa? Instantly, I realized where I met Paul. He was the man in the dream. Paul, Pam and I would spend time talking about Uganda, Africa and the work God had given him to do. I heard their hearts as they shared the culture and love for Gods people. In December 2006 I was on my way to Uganda, Africa for 23 days. Since then, God has allowed me to bring teams to Uganda representing six different churches. God has also opened doors in South Africa, where we’ve built and planted churches.

Please call if you would like to hear about what God is doing in Uganda, Africa and Soweto, South Africa. I am available to come and share with your mission teams and church. Do you want to be apart of what God is doing in other nations? Just ask! We have an opened door.

Elder Garney Davis Jr

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